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[Karl Jansky at his antenna]
Jansky and his antenna. NRAO/AUI image

[Reber's Wheaton antenna]
Reber's Wheaton antenna. NRAO/AUI image

[Dover Heights]
Dover Heights. Photo supplied by Wayne Orchiston

[4C telescope]
4C telescope. NRAO/AUI image

[Ewen and horn antenna]
Ewen and the horn antenna, Harvard, 1951. Photo supplied by Ewen

[Dwingeloo, 1956]
Dwingeloo, 1956. ASTRON image

[Jocelyn Bell Burnell and Cambridge antenna used in pulsar discovery]
Jocelyn Bell Burnell and Cambridge antenna used in pulsar discovery. Bell Burnell image

[Lovell Telescope at Jodrell Bank]
Lovell Telescope at Jodrell Bank. Image © Anthony Holloway

[Wilson, Penzias, and Bell Labs horn antenna]
Wilson, Penzias, and Bell Labs horn antenna. Bell Labs image

[6-m Millimeter Radio Telescope in Mitaka, Japan]
6-m Mm Telescope in Mitaka, Japan. NAOJ image


Biographical Memoirs

The intent of the Biographical Memoirs of the Working Group is to provide a collection of short biographies of our deceased colleagues documenting their professional contributions in radio astronomy. We do not aspire to create an exhaustive collection of in-depth biographies. If we are the first to publish a memoir (ahead of AAS, IAU, etc.), we request that you ask our (and our author's) permission to re-publish. If a memoir has been published elsewhere (AAS, Biographical Memoirs of the Royal Society, etc.), we will normally post a link to the existing memoir rather than creating a new one. We will occasionally, with permission, re-publish a memoir from elsewhere; we make decisions to do so on a case-by-case basis. We routinely provide memoirs of IAU members written for this page to the IAU for inclusion on the main IAU Web site.

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